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The Fossil Fuel Industry is Driving Climate Breakdown – and Must Be Stopped.

Join the Global Movement for Climate Justice and an End to the Fossil Fuel Era.

The fossil fuel industry is the industry most responsible for the emissions driving climate breakdown - accounting for 86% of all CO2 emissions in the last decade.  This industry is also the most responsible for delaying and blocking climate action.  


The science is clear: we must halve emissions by 2030 if we are to have a chance of limiting global warming to 1.5C and securing a liveable future for all. 


The claims of climate justice are clear: the transition to a fossil-free future must redress past harms, respect Indigenous sovereignty, and undo the systems of colonial, racial, and economic oppression that have both propelled the crisis and grossly exacerbated its harms.


To effect these changes, we must confront the fossil fuel industry - and their political and financial enablers - and demand that our elected leaders take action.

Global Action Demands

The Global Demands of the Movement to End Fossil Fuels 

o   No new fossil fuel projects.

o   A rapid, just and equitable phase out in line with the 1.5C temperature limit.

o   New commitments for international cooperation and climate financing for most impacted areas – as reparations, not aid.

o   Stop greenwashing and stop claiming that carbon capture technologies and offsets are solutions to the climate crisis.

o   Hold polluters responsible for the damage they've caused

o   End fossil fuel corporate capture of government and intergovernmental negotiations.

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Our Demands

1. An immediate end to all fossil fuel & extractive projects that violate Indigenous sovereignty,   including the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Coastal Gas Link. Shut down any project on Indigenous lands that does not have the free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous Peoples. 

Take action yourself:


2. A strong cap on emissions from the oil and gas industry and a plan for a fair phase-out of fossil fuels.

  • For Canada to meet its climate goals, it must implement a strong cap on emissions that requires the fossil fuel industry to reduce its emissions by 60% below 2005 levels by 2030 and plan for a fair and orderly phase out of the production of fossil fuels.

  • All fossil fuel subsidies must end and public funds must be invested in renewable energy and climate solutions.

  • Parliament must strengthen and pass the Sustainable Jobs Act, and all governments must ensure that workers and communities get a fair deal in the transition to a low carbon economy. For the transition to be fair, it must respect and uphold Indigenous rights. 

Take action yourself:


3. The Oil and Gas industry must clean up their environmental liabilities and pay reparations to affected Indigenous and local communities. 

The Oil and Gas industry should be required to clean up and cover the full cost of their environmental liabilities such as the huge oil sands tailing “ponds” and the thousands of oil and gas wells.

Take action yourself: Demand the full clean up of oil sands tailings ponds.


4. The Canadian government must endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and support the negotiation of a global agreement to end the era of coal, oil and gas rapidly and in a manner that leaves no country behind.  

Take action yourself:  Endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty 


5. The Ontario Government must end plans for more polluting gas plants, and development in the Greenbelt. The government must commit to building a clean energy grid and protecting the Greenbelt for future generations.

Take action yourself: 


6. Greenwashing by Canadian governments and corporations must end. 

  • The government must end the subsidizing of carbon capture and storage which is an expensive false solution that does little to capture emissions while giving license to the fossil fuel industry to continue production. 

  • Corporations – and organizations such as the Pathways Alliance - must be held to account for making false and misleading statements about being on the pathway to Net-Zero while they are still investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure. 

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